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"You Will Call Me Mistress"

It's getting hot in here
Things between you and I
Aren't what they always seem appear

You see
Usually you are the master
And I never disagree

Can't you see
Tonight's my night
I'ma tell you how its gonna be

You will be the one tied
Your wants and desires
They will all be denied

Dressed all in glossy black
Tied up the front and back
Lips of a red rose
Disclose of my attack

All those spankings I've taken
I love them
But tonight they are to be forsaken

You will call me mistress
Do what I say
I promise it will be Afflictionless
In every possible way

I want to be in control
But cause you no pain
Just gonna play a lil sexy roll
All the power I will gain

Get ready for my oral exam
My sirens will lure you to my room
Seductress I am
My sex slave you will presume

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